Verondi Search

Verondi Search is a Windows Application that allows a user to find information in a way that traditional "lookup" applications cannot. Verondi Search has two unique features, one is that it returns results based on the search term that was typed in regardless of where in the database the information resides, the second is that it build tabs dynamically based on the results returned from user-defined stored procedures.


Mini Search Window
Traditional "lookup" applications typically have a finite number of criteria that can be selected, such as Name, City and Zip. The Search Window for this application has one single text box and all search criteria is typed into it.  In this example, the search text box had a value of "5123701300" typed into it.

Search Window 


Results tab
Once the Enter key was pressed, the results of the search were displayed in the Results tab. The results display a list of anywhere in the catalog that the value "5123701300" was found. The results are limited to the first 250 rows from the database in order to limit the amount of information returned from the query. The results can be further refined by including additional information in the text box and pressing the Enter key again.

Full Search Window



Detail Window
When the Select button is clicked in a specific row, a Detail tab is displayed which displays information is tabs based on user-defined procedures that have been built. In the example below, an Address tab has been built that displays three sub-tabs with Address information for each address in the database, Home, Office and Office2.

 Details Window



For More Information
For a demonstration of the product or to find out about how others are using Verondi Search, contact us.